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May 30 2015

Another good day yesterday. Jess has an older brother who is five called Jack.

Yesterday was his birthday and he got his first proper bike without stabilisers.

It only took him 20 minutes of trying before I was able to let go while he was peddling and he could continue for quite some time before stopping or falling off.

He's gone back to his mums today, but I reckon he will have cracked it with another 30 minutes of practice.

The little lad has a few emotional problems, so it's great to see him doing so well.

Now off to the city to do some really boring jobs and then off to see my girlfriend so time to stop starting blogging!

May 21 2015


Remarkable little things come in remarkable little packages

I've been meaning to tell the world about this for a few weeks and now I've got a few moments to do it.

In fact, I've been intending to open a blog for years, and finding this soup thing has made it pretty easy to give it a go.

My little girl is three, so she's a remarkable little package.

Today we were in the street when an old lady in front of this dropped her shopping. Without hesitating, Jess ran forward and helped her to pick everything up and put it back in the bag.

On top of that, little old lady tried to offer Jess some money as a thank you, and she refused it.

I'm so proud that I think I might burst. It's little things like that that give you hope in a child's future and that your parenting skills are just a little bit better than you thought.
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